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How to Style the Perfect Host/Hostess Gift

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How to Style the Perfect Host/Hostess Gift

Gift giving is an art form, and part of the fun of attending dinner and holiday parties is the opportunity to craft a useful, but creative host or hostess gift as a thank-you tailored to friends, family and colleagues. While traditionally we know that the “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket” saying is a wise one to follow, in this case, we encourage you to fill your basket with as many “eggs” as possible.


At GoodWood, we also like to emphasize the “basket” in gift basket. Not only are baskets a great alternative to disposable gift bags; they’re also infinitely practical and useful beyond the initial gift-giving. They can hold towels or linens, serve as centerpieces or kitchen organizers, and can even be used as planters or wall art.


Not sure what Goodies to curate for your gift? Read on for inspiration for your next host/hostess gift.


Candles & Incense

Scented gifts like candles and incense rank high on our list of favorites for gift-giving. Candles are great because of their ubiquity and versatility - there’s a shape, color and scent to match every mood, vibe and space, including unscented tapers for those with more sensitive noses. They also add light and ambience; what’s not to love? We’re also big fans of incense as the scents help promote relaxation, relieve stress and boost moods.


Home Goods

Home goods like soap, tea towels, coasters, vases and even mugs make for practical yet thoughtful gifts for your host/hostess. A vintage mug paired with a seasonal tea, an interesting shaped vase filled with fresh flowers, or colorful soaps help provide pops of color and interest to your gift. We especially love to add consumable home goods to gifts like handmade, great-smelling soaps as they’re a fun little everyday luxury that will get used up.



Writing materials like stationery make a great universal gift, as we’ve yet to meet a person who couldn’t benefit from nice writing accessories. From stylish pens and pencils, to helpful planners, journals, and notepads, stationery makes for a gift that’s personal without feeling intrusive, thoughtful, affordable and useful.


Table Accessories and Tableware

Tables are about much more than the food that you put on them. From conversation pieces to showstoppers, gifting your host table accessories allows them to make a statement that is functional, stylish, and durable. Tableware and table accessories are also repurposable, and, just like the basket that they came in, can be used for multiple occasions. If you choose to include tableware or table accessories in your gift basket, there’s a good chance you’ll see your gift again on a future visit.



Self-care items can be especially thoughtful gifts for friends, family or colleagues that you know could use some TLC. Luxurious hand creams, bath salts, face masks or lotions make for a great reminder to your host/hostess to spend a little extra time on themselves.



We pride ourselves on curating a collection of treasures that are cool, affordable, and worth having, and invite you to give your host a taste of the Good stuff the next time you’re on the hunt for a gift. If you're still stuck or need additional inspiration, stop by the shop and we’ll be happy to lend a hand!

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