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Items in Old Store Photos Might Not Be Available

Items in Old Store Photos Might Not Be Available

We are always pleased when one of our customers, seeing one of our store photos, becomes excited about vintage furnishings and decorations. Unfortunately, due to our high turnover of products, there is a high probability that almost all the items in our store photos have already been sold.

As we crafted our new website, our aim was to give our website visitors a bit of the GoodWood retail experience. To transfer the essence of our brick-and-mortar store’s old-school mystique, we took select photographs of our store’s interior and distributed them to multiple locations on our website. Prominently and proudly displayed in these photos are prime examples of our large variety of vintage pieces: from captivating portraits, to elegant vases, to plush lounge chairs. These photos serve as a time capsule to the GoodWood of late 2021 and early 2022 when our website was first launched.


However, as a time capsule, these photos reflect a GoodWood that may not hold the same items to the one that currently exists. While we encourage our customers to explore the many snapshots of GoodWood, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that we still have any given item featured in said images within our possession. We are constantly receiving new items and sending previous ones home to their delighted new owners, often on the same day they go out on display. While you might not be able to purchase the exact products in our store photos, we have many other available curios and furnishings that you are more than welcome to take home with you.


If you would like to see what we currently have in stock, please pursue our current catalog by category:



When it comes to new items, Instagram remains the best way to keep up-to-date. Follow our Instagram page and enable notifications to receive an alert every time we post a new item for sale. This way, you’ll never miss out on the perfect finishing piece for your mantel, or a possible gift for the one person in your life who is impossible to shop for. 

GoodWood is located in the Marden Building on the corner of U St NW & Waverly Place. We are located next to CityFirst Bank.

We look forward to seeing you!

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