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Things We Love: Mirrors

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Things We Love: Mirrors

If you’re looking for a quick way to elevate a room, we encourage you to consider adding a
mirror. Practical, versatile, and stylish, mirrors are both a fun and functional way to add a focal
point of interest. And with such a wide range of styles from minimalist to maximalist, there’s
guaranteed to be a mirror to suit your aesthetic and needs.

A Peek Into Their Forms and Functions
Mirrors are made of two key components - the reflective glass and the frame. While this may
seem a straightforward partnership, the form the mirror’s glass takes can have a surprising
impact on its function:

Plane mirrors, found in spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms, reflect an image’s normal
proportions, just in reverse.
Spherical mirrors, on the other hand, curve to distort an image, making an image
appear larger and smaller, respectively.
   ○ Convex mirrors were used to great effect in days past for helping a host/hostess
or household staff such as a butler discretely keep an eye on the needs of their
charges and guests.
   ○ Concave mirrors are often found in smaller, tabletop mirrors as they can aid in
grooming or makeup application due to the enlarged images they reflect.


In addition to serving as a means to protect the glass, the frame of a mirror is an opportunity for
personalization and embellishment. With a myriad of styles ranging from minimalist and modern
to glam and maximalism (and everything in between), the framing possibilities are endless.
With so many shapes and styles to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming deciding what
you like and where to place it. We encourage you to reflect on these five ideas for incorporating
more mirrors into your own spaces.


Bring On the Light - A mirror’s reflective surface packs a real punch. Mirrors help
reflect and bounce light around a room, which in turn, makes it appear brighter. Adding a
mirror to a room can help amplify any existing light source, natural or otherwise, so
consider placing it opposite a window to maximize the effect.

Give the Illusion of Space - A well-placed mirror helps create a sense of openness by
reflecting light and space, which adds to the sense of depth within the room, ultimately
making the space feel bigger than it actually is.

Break Up A Gallery Wall - Incorporating a mirror into your gallery wall can be an
effective way of bringing visual balance and a new focal interest by breaking up clusters
of photos and art.

Accent Existing Furniture - Thoughtful placement of a mirror can help complement an
existing piece of furniture, or create a vignette within your living space. We love adding
mirrors above fireplaces, desks, couches and consoles, as a way to increase interest to
that area.

Make A Statement - While mirrors can bring balance to decor, they aren’t just practical,
they can be art in and of themselves. Find the right mirror and let its artistry speak for


We hope we have shown how mirrors are more than just the reflective glass and stylish frames
they’re crafted from and have inspired you to look for ways to add more mirrors to your own
decor. We are always on the hunt for new mirorrs to add to the shop - antique, vintage and
modern, and they tend to move quickly. The best way to keep up with our current collection is to
stop by the store or by following us on Instagram.

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