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Things We Love: Pedestals

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Things We Love: Pedestals

Looking for a way to add dimension and depth to a challenging area of your home? We think pedestals are a Good place to start.

Looking for a way to add dimension and depth to a challenging area of your home? We think pedestals are a Good place to start. While often overlooked, pedestals are a great way to elevate art or florals, add interest to an empty corner, or introduce drama by serving as a focal point.


When picturing a pedestal, your first thought is likely of the grand Greek/Roman column-style pedestals that might be used to display a bust or sculpture. However, pedestals can be crafted out of a myriad of materials ranging from traditional stones like marble and granite to eco-friendly components such as wood or even bamboo.


Pedestals also come in an assortment of shapes and styles (some may even be surprising) as what is considered a pedestal has become more fluid over time; some are rigid and boast crisp lines and sharp corners while others are more cylindrical or curvy.


Read on to learn how you can transform, tie-together and balance your own spaces with a pedestal (or two!).



Floral arrangements

From simple bouquets to sprawling arrangements, pedestals can be a great way to freshen up a living space by emphasizing natural, seasonal delights.

Elevated planter

Another way to bring the outdoors in and channel some organic whimsy into your indoor living spaces is by using a pedestal to elevate your potted plants, literally. From monstera and philodendrons to creeping figs and jasmine - there are as many ways to get creative as there are varieties of plants.

Not up for tending to a plant baby? No problem! Artificial plants can serve the same purpose, without the watering and upkeep, requiring only an occasional dusting to look great.


Displaying art

Pedestals were originally used as a way to display busts of various deities, and using them to display art, while a more traditional use, is still popular for a reason. displaying art (while a more traditional use) is still very effective. Using a pedestal to display artwork can tie a room together, fill unused or odd spaces, and give a voice to more understated pieces.



If your living situation doesn’t give you a lot of room to play, pedestals are a great alternative to a nightstand due to their narrow widths and disproportionate heights. They provide just enough space for what you need within arms reach without detracting from space otherwise utilized for storage or furniture.

Catch-all for entryways

Consider incorporating a pedestal into your entryway for added storage with a touch of flair. Not only are pedestals great for filling up odd-shaped nooks and crannies, but they can serve as a useful way to stash whatever you need to grab and go. Find a pedestal that works with your space and top it with a bowl, basket, or fun-shaped container to catch everything from keys and loose change to sunglasses and lip balm.


Add interest to your bathroom

Small pedestals can sit atop bathroom counters and serve as a basin for soap or decorative Goodies. Whether modern, eclectic, or even earthy, pedestals come in enough variety to fit your bathroom and fill vacant space.




Have a unique way you’ve incorporated a pedestal from GoodWood into your own space? We’d love to see it! Tag or mention us on Instagram!

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