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Interior Design Trends for 2024

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Interior Design Trends for 2024

At GoodWood, we’re all about making bold interior design decisions and as it happens, that’s on-trend for 2024. If part of your New Year’s resolutions includes redecorating/refreshing your living spaces, check out the top five interior design trends we’re looking forward to for 2024.



Timeless Staples

This year, say “no” to fast furniture and “yes” to well-made, timeless staples that reflect your personal style. By investing in quality furniture (be it new or vintage), you’re adding something to your home that will, quite literally, last a lifetime. While it can be tempting to chase the trends, being deliberate about your foundational pieces gives you future flexibility to refresh or update your space using other design elements including art, accent accessories, lighting, etc. without having to start over from scratch.




A focus on sustainability is front and center again this year with people showing a continued interest in furniture made from renewable and nontoxic materials including natural wood, bamboo, stone, rattan, and recycled or upcycled materials. We especially love this movement, as it’s created a greater appreciation for handcrafted, locally-made pieces and also encouraged people to consider breathing new life into vintage/antique furniture rather than buying items that are mass-produced.



Layered Eclectic

While some years have a decided emphasis on a particular design style, such as mid-century modern, 2024 is all about pulling from a variety of influences to mix and match furniture and decor to create a unique space specific to your interests and tastes. Breathe new life into your living spaces this year by embracing contrasting textures, vibrant colors, handcrafted furniture (both vintage and modern), and by finding fun ways to feature and re-purpose your collections as art.



Light It Up

Lighting is an area that is often overlooked in homes, but not this year! For 2024, we’re anticipating a stronger emphasis on fun and functional light throughout the home. From large central fixtures and sculptural statements to vintage lamps and tasteful sconces, expect lighting to play an important part in setting the tone for interior spaces. We believe lighting can be an easy and affordable way to personalize a space, create ambiance, encourage intimacy, invite creativity, and more, and we look forward to helping inspire some bright ideas for your own spaces.



Mixed Metals

If you’ve always been one to match your metals, this might be the year to mix things up by experimenting with contrasting metals for hardware, light fixtures, mirrors, and more. If jumping into this trend seems daunting, start by picking a primary metal then accent it with other varieties and tones. Warm accented by cool and vice-versa. Or, if that contrast seems too stark, you can keep the metal tones the same, but experiment with finishes (antique, polished, brushed, hammered, satin, etc.) to provide variety and depth.


Have a space you’re looking forward to refreshing this year? Come by the store to check out our constantly changing collection of vintage furniture and home furnishings. If you’re styling a space and need an ear to bounce ideas off of, we’re here to help!

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