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GoodWood: The History of U Street's Neighborhood Thrift Store

GoodWood: The History of U Street's Neighborhood Thrift Store

Want to learn more about GoodWood? Here's a short summary of the changes we've made and what the future holds for us.

In 1994, GoodWood opened its doors with a goal in mind: provide good antique furniture at a reasonable price to more people.


GoodWood began mostly catering to interior designers and people searching for a specific furniture piece. Customers would come in for a particular item, such as a table, and come out with an affordable furnishing that had some history to it.


As the years went by, our neighborhood and clientele grew and changed, and so did GoodWood. GoodWood was one of the first shops on U Street, and with the launch of other shops, bars, and restaurants came an increase in sidewalk traffic. We began opening seven days a week to let in more browsers. We opened a niche perfume counter, which remains one of the only ones in the DC area. We also began including more home decor, housewares, and vintage clothing to our shelves as thrifting became more popular in the younger generations.


Most recently, we have begun making the changes necessary to bring our website into the new millennium and make GoodWood more accessible to everyone, regardless of their proximity to our physical location. As you’re reading, you might have noticed all the new features our website has available for you to peruse (including this newly created blog). Please feel free to look through all of the newly available pages.


Some things have remained the same, however. GoodWood continues to offer a variety of unique furniture pieces. We still update our stock every Thursday, and we still offer a friendly face for all those in the neighborhood interested in stopping by. Our Instagram page is still the best place to keep up-to-date with our new arrivals.


Whether you’re looking for a new piece to update your home or your wardrobe, GoodWood provides something truly special to bring old-school mystique into your life at an affordable price.

GoodWood is located in the Marden Building on the corner of U St NW & Waverly Place. We are located next to CityFirst Bank.

We look forward to seeing you!

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